Best Hamster Food (2020 Edition)

You might be asking yourself, “what can hamsters eat?” While it might be tempting (and adorable) to serve your furry friend a teeny tiny cheeseburger, hamsters require a complete and …

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Can hamsters eat bananas?

Tan hamster standing on countertop above sliced bananas on a blue background

This is the first of many nutrition related posts to come. As new hamsters owners we were always wondering which foods our new pet hamster could eat when he was …

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Do hamsters attract rats?

adorable hamster popping out of cardboard box

How to make your home a hamster haven, not a rat’s nest If you want to bring home an adorable hamster but are afraid your pet will attract furry squatters, …

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Why do hamsters chew on cage bars?

Black and white hamster peeking out of clear and purple exercise ball with text "Why do hamsters chew on cage bars?"

Making a break for it or something else? These friendly yet small pets are popular. According to the American Veterinary Medical Association, roughly 1.1 million American households have a hamster. …

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