Signs of a happy hamster

Tan and white hamster peaking out of a flower teacup looking at the camera

When is your furry friend really feeling good? You watch you hamster dig and burrow, run on its wheel, drink water. Maybe a little hidey house action, stuff those cheeks. …

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Can guinea pigs overeat?

large guinea pig sitting on greenery in front of wood background with text "can guinea pigs overeat?"

Do I have a Pudgy Piggie? Sadly, my guinea pig’s partner (Louise) passed away a little before Thelma. We attempted to provide her with a replacement, and unfortunately, it didn’t …

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Can Guinea Pigs Be Alone?

Guinea pig standing on green grass with title "can guinea pigs be alone?"

Who’s to say there’s a special piggy for every piggy? We don’t typically associate our little cavies with rugged individualism. In fact, it’s widely accepted that guinea pigs are happier …

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How to Clean Hamster Poop

hamster in a wood hideout in temporary container while cage being cleaned with text "how to clean hamster poop"

Can you tolerate more crap than a fifth grader? It seems hamster ownership is a basic right of passage for children in the United States. Parents tend to believe this …

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