Signs of a happy hamster

Tan and white hamster peaking out of a flower teacup looking at the camera

When is your furry friend really feeling good? You watch you hamster dig and burrow, run on its wheel, drink water. Maybe a little hidey house action, stuff those cheeks. …

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Do hamsters eat apples?

tan hamster next to a green apple in front of a white background

Are apples a tasty treat or a Snow White-level threat? When you think of healthy, easy snacks, apples often spring right to mind. And when you have a fuzzy new …

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Do hamsters swim?

adorable young hamster with fluffy hair wrapped in a towel

Doggy Paddle Pros or Landlubbers? Just like any four-legged, furry pet, hamsters have specific likes and dislikes, abilities and things they’re not so great at. Though they surely aren’t aquatic, …

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Do hamsters have feelings?

light tan hamster eating a heart shaped carrot

Are you feeling moody? Your hamster is too! Let’s be honest. Sometimes when you look at your hamster hopping around in its cage. Or eating. Or running on its wheel. …

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Can hamsters climb walls?

Tricolored hamster climbing wire cage bars in front of white background with text can hamsters climb walls

Should I be worried about my pet repelling up the walls and escaping? Hamsters are small creatures with large supplies of energy. In the wild, they dig, tunnel, and run. …

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Can Hamsters Be Bathed?

disheveled looking tan and brown hamster sitting in front of blurred brown background

When it comes to hamster hygiene, should you lather, rinse, and repeat? Maybe you’ve heard that hamsters have a foul odor, or maybe your hamster has started giving off a …

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